What is appropriate for this special circumstance?

Hi everyone.

I have a dilemma… Here’s the scenario… I want to create a card for a man who lives in my neighborhood with an “interesting” situation!

Last Thursday, at 4:30 in the morning, his home was invaded! He heard a noise and grabbed his handgun for protection. A robber wearing a mask and armed with an AK-47 kicked in his front door!
My neighbor was shot in the shoulder and is in stable condition in the hospital.
He shot the robber in the face, killing him instantly!

SO! How do I say this? I want to offer him a “Congratulations”, because I hope that in the same situation, I would have the courage and fortitude to face down a hostile attacker and defend myself.

I also want to offer him a “Get Well”, because he was hurt.

I also want to offer him a “Sympathy”, because taking another man’s life is something he is dealing with  and that can’t be an easy emotional battle within himself.

So, does anyone have any “Congratulations, hope you feel better, helping you cope” Card ideas?

Thanks for any input!


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