FREE SVG: 5 x 7 Envelope with Stars and “Fringe”

This is the envelope I created for the card posted HERE and HERE.

I posted the SVG and SCUT files on, if anyone would like to use them!

When the SVG is imported into SCAL, the text across the front is not imported!

Basically, what I did was create the card base (the gray part)

with stars cut out of the top flap.

Then I created a small piece (the blue part) to attach to the flap

so the color shows thru the cutout.

You just have to move the blue piece out and to the right

for it to fit on the mat.

Like this:

I used patterned paper that matched my card.

After it’s cut out, fold the large base with the white side on the outside.

Flip the little piece so that the color shows thru the starts

and glue it to the top flap.

Pretty simple!