Fishing Dock SVG and SCUT

I made this one today for a project one of my boys is working on.

I don’t like to put together a bunch of little pieces, after cutting a file. So I generally tend to make my files in as few pieces as possible. I use the “Path- Difference” function of Inkscape a lot to make “base” layers that I “subtract” all the little pieces out of. Usually, it just seems easier when paper piecing files after they’re cut.

In the case of this file, I COULD have made it with a bunch of little boards that had to be put back together. What a time-consuming pain in the neck! What I did instead was make a base (light brown) then a top layer (dark brown) that is all the “spaces” between the boards. When it’s layered together, the base shows thru the top layer and there are only TWO pieces to cut! (yay!)

The only drawback with THIS particular file is that the “lines” between the boards are pretty fine lines so it was pretty delicate taking it off my Cricut mat and attaching it to the base layer… I suppose I could go back in and tweak the file to make those lines a little thicker, but after putting it together, I thought it looked awesome the way it was! I cut it at 4″. I don’t suppose it would turn out very good cut much smaller than that…

Also, when I cut it, I used regular printer paper, which is very thin! Then I just cut another base out of regular cardstock to reinforce it. I used brown ink on the base and a marker for the top layer, to get the right shades of brown on the white printer paper.

With all the summer and beach images I’ve seen lately, I haven’t seen a boat dock or pier, so I did it myself and am pretty happy with the results.

If you have any questions or problems with any of the files I share, please let me know!

SCUT file for Sure Cuts a Lot

SVG created in Inkscape